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Home of photography, Homily Sticks, Ponder Panels, and brave, random acts of painting & art, Marshall Arts is the name under which Jim Hickey & Alicia Araya push their artistic & creative ventures into the world at large.

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Grand Opening Potluck – July 8, 2011

We’re planning a Grand Opening Potluck for the weekend of July 8th, 2011. For some of us, that means changing our calendars from the original scheduled date of July 1st.

Come eat, meet, speak, watch, listen and otherwise engage your senses and consciousness in the delightful melange surely to follow –


7609 Hwy 25/70

Marshall NC 28753

for those already familiar with the location, we are next door to Momma’s Kitchen, that long-standing bastion of wholesome food.


7 – 10pm

What to bring

Your sunny self, a dish, or dessert, or beverage to supplement whatever refreshments we offer, and a friend

July 10 – Community Conversations #1:

Understanding Money: A Historical  Primer on Cash & Currency

In collab. with Spindoctor’s Mountain School, we are offering the first of hopefully many community conversations. The first one opens discussion for a historical/cultural understanding of money. Should be interesting!

This necessary approach to discerning what money is and how it works is historical and analytical. Anyone who is sick and tired of all too frequently being at the losing end of the fiscal contest ought to come along and participate in this discussion. Everyone can contribute to enriching everyone else’s thinking, and then we can ponder what in the world we ought to do about what we’re discovering.

More info hereddd

August 7 – Community Conversations #2:

In time for the Hiroshima/Nagasaki nuclear bombing anniversaries on August 6 and 9, the second installment of Community Conversations deals with the historical and political economic origins of today’s nuclear establishment. Whether one examines the Department of Energy, the Tennessee Valley Authority, an academic physics department, or a utility like Duke Power, the beginnings of nuclear matters date from the Manhattan Project and before.

Recent events highlight safety concerns about ‘peaceful’ nuclear ventures.  The U.S. still has thousands of fusion and fission weapons, as do a slowly growing list of other nations.  In such a context, of a planned ‘nuclear renaissance’ of power reactors, and still growing ranks of nuclear weapons states, maybe citizens ought to try to understand these phenomena.

August 15 – Drawing 101

Drawing 101 class beginning on August 15th. Classes will loosely structured around traditional drawing techniques and Betty Edwards’ work, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Instructor is Alicia Araya, a graduate of Georgia State University art program, and artist/painter/illustrator. A three-hour block of time with a break in between will provide ample studio time for aspiring artists to perfect their skills. $20 per session, materials included.  Limited to 8 persons. Contact Alicia at 678 559 8100 for more info.

Community Conversations #3 – Understanding the Jobs Crisis

We will discuss the ubiquity of the jobs problem, and the different sorts of ways that citizens might begin framing such situations.

Tomorrow night, from 7 to 9pm – refreshments offered.

Oct 29 – Deep Hearted Roots of Madison County

In collaboration with the Madison County Arts Council, Marshall Arts is proud to present, for the larger WNC public, the work of Freddie Henderson, artist, woodworker, and homespun raconteur.

The work of Jake Hollifield will also be present, as well as musical entertainment by Jake and others.

The entertainment starts at 5pm and goes through till 9pm.

Location: Madison County Arts Center

90 South Main St, Marshall NC 28753

December 15, 2011 – Buh Bye Marshall Arts Storefront

Due to better success out in the field, dissappointing returns viz a viz investment, and general grottiness of the rented space, we decided to let go of the proto-retail location we had on Hwy 25/70, and now operate downstairs (entrance off Riddle Farm Rd) and at large.

Incidentally, after we vacated the premises the owners of said locale invested much time & money into upgrading and addressing the much-needed repairs. Now it actually looks decent – a benefit which the friendly upstairs neighbours no doubt enjoy.

February 2, 2012 – Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Funded

Alicia Araya sought funding for a long-hatched dream of reinterpreting all 93 paintings of JMW Turner displayed at the Tate Museum in London.

May 24, 2012 – Finished Epic Painting Project

After a grueling 90 day process involving painting into the wee hours of the morning, all 93 paintings were finished. Full info & portfolio of final project seen on

This wonderful project succeeded not only thanks to the collaboration & donation of 63 Kickstarter angels, the cooperation of Jim & Alicia (Jim was in charge of all wood canvas processing, video editing, and blog entries), but also the Marshall News Sentinel & other blogs, for their helpful media coverage.


3 Responses to “Marshall Arts”

  1. haydemon June 15, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    OK. This is WRONG! I was all set to be there to partake of this momentous occasion on the July 4th wk-end, and now…fizzle, fizzle, fizzle. What gives???

    • marshallcommunityarts June 21, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

      a thousand apologies for the misunderstanding! The Madison Arts Council has a stupendous event on July 1st, which was one reason we wished to postpone (we wanted to attend ourselves) – the other one being, we wanted more time to better everything.

      hopefully now all will be clear

      • haydemon June 24, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

        That’s quite alright. See you on the Fourth! (Or the Third?)

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